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Shrine Plans

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Plans for the Shrine

Artist Rendering of Shrine

The Shrine

VISION: The shrine is envisioned to be a place where the sacrifice of the martyrs can be re-presented and the mission story of La Florida can be shared for the spiritual and educational benefit of all, to honor our martyrs, and to give thanks to God. The site has open fields, rolling hills and beautiful vistas that will be preserved. All constructed improvements will be designed and completed in such a way as to minimize the impact to the site and preserve the natural beauty and history.

CHAPEL: A cross now stands atop a small hill, the highest point of the shrine site. Where this cross stands, plans include building a chapel, dedicated to St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Converted Indians. The chapel will honor the holy martyrs and give glory to the Father.

A life-size bronze statue of St. Joseph and the Baby has been donated to the chapel.

Our Lady of La Leche nurses the Baby at the chapel in Nombre de Dios, St. Augustine, the beginning of El Camino Real. Here at the shrine site, we remember the glorious ending in martyrdom, of the many whose faith cost them their lives….

MUSEUM: On the land is an old ‘mansion’ that is included in the National Historic Registry. The former home of the Sollners and Wall families, it is envisioned to be renovated to its former grandeur, and then opened to the public as Museo de Francisco. The museo will tell the history of the end of the missions, through primary documents and narrative paintings.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Outdoor Stations of the Cross will extend across the shrine. Along with Our Lord’s passion, the Stations will tell the mission and martyrdom history of La Florida.

SCULPTURE: Bronze sculpture will be placed throughout the site. Pavilions, gazebos, benches, fountains, and other site design items will be used to encourage reflection and create a prayerful environment. A statue of Dios Chiquito and waterfall are also planned.

CEMETERY: Plans include 5 acres set aside for a small cemetery.